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Scrotal Lift (Scrotoplasty) reno nv

Scrotal Lift (Scrotoplasty)

There are a variety of reasons a man’s scrotum can be stretched and loose. These can be simple genetics, natural aging, trauma, or injury, among others. Scrotal lift (scrotoplasty) is a procedure performed by Dr. Phillip E. Dahan at Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery that involves the excess skin being removed from the scrotum in order to improve comfort and appearance. This is not a difficult procedure and it can boost a man’s self-confidence.

What Is A Scrotal Lift?

Scrotum Lift refers to surgical techniques used to remove excess, loose scrotum skin and subcutaneous tissues in order to tighten, reduce the size and rejuvenate the scrotum. The procedure was originally created to help cancer patients or those with severe injuries to the genitals.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Scrotal Lift?

Many men, both young and old, have scrotums that are sagging, stretched, large and hang too low. In severe cases, the scrotum is stretched so much that it causes discomfort when wearing certain underwear or pants, interferes with sexual intercourse and may even come in contact with the toilet water when going to the bathroom. Men with this complaint often suffer from embarrassment, sexual problems, discomfort and even hygiene concerns. This problem only worsens with age as gravity persists and scrotum tissue laxity progresses. Other causes of scrotal sagging include hydrocele, varicocele and chronic scrotal swelling or laxity.

There isn’t an age limit or requirement for these surgeries. These are some characteristics of good candidates for scrotoplasty:

The patient…

  • Has excess or stretched skin around the scrotum due to age or trauma
  • Has pain or discomfort in the scrotum during physical activities
  • Had a congenital condition known as varicocele, where a bad valve in the left testicle wasn’t draining properly, and this stretched the scrotum
Can I Have Scrotum Lift Surgery Before I’m Done Having Children?

Yes. Scrotum Lift surgery should not interfere with fertility as the testicles are not directly operated on and they are repositioned into their original natural anatomy. The majority of men undergoing Scrotum Lift surgery tend to be older than 40 years of age, however, some men develop scrotal sagging at a younger age.

What Is The Treatment For Scrotal Sagging?

Non-Surgical Treatment

Nonsurgical treatment is limited to wearing supportive underwear or a jockstrap. This may slow the progression of scrotal sagging, but will not stop it.


Surgical Treatment

Surgical treatment is called Scrotoplasty or Scrotal Lift (Scrotum Lift). This is an outpatient operation performed under general anesthesia which takes about 1 to 2 hours. Just prior to surgery, I mark the patient’s scrotum in both the standing and lying positions with his input, to achieve his desired result.


In surgery, excess skin and subcutaneous tissue are excised and closure is performed in layers with resorbable (melting) sutures to obtain the best, long-lasting result. In some cases, there is excess tissue at the base of the penis, or penile–scrotal junction, which will also need to be excised as this tissue tends to interfere with sexual intercourse and wearing a condom. Incisions are based on the patient’s anatomy of the scrotum and severity of scrotal sagging. Mild scrotal sagging may only require a transverse elliptical excision of tissue at the penile-scrotal junction or scrotal-perineum junction. Moderate scrotal sagging may require one or both of these incisions together. Severe scrotal sagging usually requires a vertical or longitudinal excision of tissue from the penile–scrotal junction to the scrotal–perineum junction, effectively creating a “hammock” to lift, tighten and rejuvenate the scrotum.


Occasionally, these men may also require the other incisions to achieve the best results. Scars tend to be excellent and barely visible on the scrotum, and there is minimal discomfort associated with this operation. Previous scrotal or testicular surgery, such as a vasectomy or other procedures, usually do not affect the ability to perform Scrotoplasty.Dr. Dahan injects long-acting local anesthesia during surgery which significantly reduces bruising, the amount of general anesthesia and postoperative pain. At the end of the operation, the scrotum is dressed with comfortable gauze and placed in a jockstrap. Rest, ice compresses, and scrotal elevation, as well as avoidance of constipation, straining and heavy lifting are recommended postoperatively for 3 to 5 days. The dressing is changed the next day and a jockstrap is worn for two weeks, postoperatively. The patient may shower 2 to 3 days after surgery and may gradually return to normal activities, exercise and sexual intercourse 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.

Does Scrotum Lift Surgery Decrease Sensation Or Affect Sex?

The majority of men who undergo Scrotum Lift surgery do not usually experience a loss of sensation of the scrotum or penis. In fact, these men report much-improved confidence, comfort and pleasurable experience during sexual intercourse. Scrotum Lift surgery should not affect erectile function.

What Is Recovery Like After A Scrotal Lift?

After a scrotal lift, patients will have swelling and bruising for a week or so. Diligent use of ice packs and not doing much of anything helps with the swelling and discomfort. This isn’t acute pain, but the incision will cause discomfort. Any strenuous exercise or sexual activity needs to wait for 6-8 weeks. This is necessary for full healing. Patients will be able to see their final results in eight to 12 weeks.

Is A Scrotal Lift Safe?

There are risks with all surgeries. But our board-certified surgeons at Advanced Aesthetic Plastic Surgery have the experience necessary to help our patients achieve their goals with these procedures.

Does Age Make A Difference In These Procedures?

There is not an age ceiling with scrotal lifts. Of course, older patients may have somewhat slower healing rates than younger patients. During your consultation we will discuss if this surgery could work for you.

What Are The Potential Complications Or Side Effects With A Scrotal Lift?

This is surgery, so it carries the risks involved with any surgery: excessive bleeding, infection, poor wound healing, keloid scar formation, and the like.

For this specific procedure, lifting the scrotum may change the ability of the muscle involved to position the testicle and may result in sterility or decreased viability of the patient’s sperm. There is also the possibility of continued pain during sexual activity. These are rare complications.

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