Dr. Phillip Dahan

About Phillip Dahan MD, FACS

About Phillip Dahan MD, FACS

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon In Reno, NV

Phillip E. Dahan, M.D., C.M., F.A.C.S. was raised in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada. He received his Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Physiology at McGill University which is ranked #1 in Canada. Dr. Dahan attended McGill Medical School, which was ranked as the fifth-best medical school in North America and tenth in the world by the Gorman Report. He then completed four years of his General Surgery Residency program and was amongst a select few to be accepted early into McGill's Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Residency Program.

Dr. Dahan became board certified in plastic surgery as well as a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada (F.R.C.S.).


Dr. Dahan traveled to Mexico City where he did a three-month fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery and Pediatric Craniofacial Reconstruction with the world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio. He then completed a Hand and Microsurgery Fellowship in 1997 at the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Dr. Dahan moved to Reno, NV, in the summer of 1997 and became board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, making him the only plastic surgeon in Reno with two board certifications in plastic surgery. He subsequently became a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.). Dr. Dahan is an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American College of Surgeons.


Dr. Phillip Dahan has volunteered his surgical services to many pediatric and adult patients in need throughout his career in the United States, Canada, and abroad. Dr. Phillip Dahan volunteered his service to the United States Navy at the Top Gun facility in Nevada, where he taught numerous courses over many years about facial and hand soft tissue and bony injuries and burns to their flight surgeons, medics, and corpsmen, prior to their deployment on aircraft carriers around the world. In appreciation for Dr. Phillip

Dahan’s volunteer service, the US Navy generously selected Dr. Phillip Dahan to be one of the very few civilians to ever participate in a Top Gun, multi-fighter jet training mission where Dr. Dahan learned to fly the F-18 fighter jet and experienced flying greater than the speed of sound and significant G forces. Dr. Dahan’s extraordinary personal and professional experiences throughout his more than 25-year career as a board-certified plastic surgeon have played a significant role in making Dr. Phillip Dahan one of the best plastic surgeons and most compassionate plastic surgeons.

What Dr. Dahan's Patients Have To Say

“Dr. Dahan and his staff are amazing. Highly recommended! He has a great reputation around town as a surgeon and has done two surgeries of mine. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. He is passionate about what he does I trust him implicitly.”

– Reynolds R.

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Plastic Surgeon Awards

Dr. Dahan has won numerous awards, including Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Reno, Top Plastic Surgeons In America, Patients Choice Awards, and Most Compassionate Plastic Surgeon. He is considered one of Reno’s best plastic surgeons and an expert in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Why Choose Dr. Dahan as Your Plastic Surgeon in Reno, NV?

As a top cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Dahan consistently achieves outstanding results and his patients report improved appearance and greater self-confidence. By selecting Dr. Dahan, you are entrusting your care to an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon whose work is admired and sought out by both patients and other physicians. Contact us today at (775) 826-4477 to learn what we can do for you!

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