What is the Difference Between a Facelift and a RefreshLift?

Dr. Dahan has extensive experience performing facelift surgery and the minimally invasive RefreshLift™ procedure. These facial rejuvenation techniques can restore a more youthful facial shape with little downtime. Each focuses on correcting the effects of laxity and deflation in the lower face region as well as the upper neck and chin areas. Generally, a facelift is a "deeper" type of procedure. During the surgery, the doctor repositions fat and fascia in an upward, outward, motion. Loose skin is tightened over the new contours, achieving beautiful results that can last seven to 10 years. The RefreshLift™ is also a rewarding procedure for renewed youthfulness. This technique reduces the appearance of jowls, sagging cheeks, and other concerns through directional suturing within the deeper layers of facial tissue. The result is less tension on the skin but a beautifully refreshed appearance.

Can Facial Fat Injections Help Me Look Younger?

Yes. Facial fat injections have become quite popular in recent years. This two-step process harvests fat cells from an area of your body to introduce to areas of your face that are showing signs of aging. Facial fat injections can smooth lines and creases like those frustrating nasolabial lines. This treatment can focus on the cheek area to restore the appearance of high, strong cheekbones, and can also subtly plump your lips. As you can see, facial fat injections work very similarly to dermal fillers! The difference between soft tissue fillers and your own fat is that you can enjoy satisfying results for much longer before retreatment is needed.

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