ThermiTight RF® Skin Tightening

ThermiTight RF Skin Tightening In Reno, NV

ThermiTight RF Skin Tightening In Reno, NV

ThermiTight is the most advanced and effective FDA-cleared skin tightening procedure available to reverse the effects of aging.* Radio-frequency energy is delivered to the dermis on the undersurface of the skin causing thermal changes resulting in increased dermal collagen, elastin, skin tone, and tightness.


ThermiTight will also reduce subcutaneous fat more effectively than laser lipolysis devices. Common areas treated with ThermiTight include:

  • Face.
  • Neck.
  • Tummy
  • Thighs.
Ideal Candidate For ThermiTight

Women and men with minimal to moderate skin laxity of the chin, neck, arms, chest, back, bra rolls, abdomen, hips, flanks, buttocks, thighs, and knees. Patients with severe skin laxity may respond to ThermiTight, but generally require surgical removal of excess skin.

How ThermiTight works

ThermiTight is an office procedure performed using a sterile technique under local tumescent anesthesia. It is a painless, micro-invasive procedure, and usually takes less than one hour. The ThermiTight radiofrequency probe is placed under the skin through a tiny incision, heating the dermis and fat to therapeutic temperatures. The temperatures are measured under the skin with a probe and on the surface of the skin with an infrared camera.


The procedure is almost painless, with minimal bruising and there is no downtime.* Immediately after the procedure, a compression garment is worn for 72 hours. Most patients return to work the next day and may exercise 1 week postop. The skin begins to tighten within 6-12 weeks and will continue to tighten over the next 1-2 years. Skin will remain tighter for many years but depends on the patient's age, weight, skin quality, and genetics.*

ThermiTight Before And After

*Comprehensive Thermoregulation for the Purpose of Skin Tightening Using a Novel Radio Frequency Treatment Device: A Preliminary Report. Douglas Key, MD, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, February 2014.

Read what our patients are saying!

"I cannot give enough praise to Dr. Phillip Dahan for his exceptional skills in the field of plastic surgery. At seventy years of age I decided to improve my appearance. The end result was more than I expected. My recovery was swift. I was out and about in one week. Three to four pain pills were taken for mild discomfort. My husband and friends think I look marvelous! Dr. Dahan is on a short list of outstanding physicians as well as a very nice person."

What are the benefits of ThermiTight?

ThermiTight is a beneficial skin-tightening treatment, for one, because it delivers. Patients will begin to see tighter, firmer skin after their very first session. Depending on the degree of improvement desired, one treatment may be all it takes to achieve your goal. Patients appreciate that ThermiTight is performed in the comfort of our office and that they are given a local anesthetic that supports a comfortable, relaxing experience. While there may be some swelling and redness to contend with, there is no real downtime needed after ThermiTight. Patients are typically ready to get back to their normal routine in a week or two. Finally, this treatment is versatile. It can tighten loose skin on the face, neck, or body.

What To Expect After Treatment

Patients may experience slight swelling and redness and are usually able to return to normal activity within 24 hours.*

How Long Do The Results Last?

ThermiTight is a single treatment solution and the effects have been shown to last several years.*

How long after a ThermiTight procedure will I see my results?

Many patients begin to see better-looking skin a few weeks after their ThermiTight treatment. However, because collagen remodeling is a continual and progressive process, the results of treatment often do not reach their peak for three to four months.

What are the side effects of ThermiTight?

ThermiTight heats the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate tightening and collagen rebuilding from within. Patients may experience side effects including redness and swelling. Bruising and tenderness may also occur. Side effects are manageable with minimal post-treatment care. They fade over one to two weeks.

How is ThermiTight different than other Skin Tightening procedures?

Most skin tightening procedures, including those with the best reputations, work by delivering some type of thermal energy into the deeper layers of the skin. ThermiTight works using the same basic mechanism; the device emits radiofrequency waves into dermal tissue. The difference is not in energetic output but in the system of delivery. ThermiTight is a probe applicator that is inserted just beneath the skin that has been anesthetized. Other applicators sit on top of the skin, limiting the depth of penetration. This is why many people see astonishing results after just one ThermiTight session.

Can ThermiTight Be Combined With Liposuction?

Yes, liposuction is a very common procedure performed on patients with undesirable subcutaneous fat and skin laxity. Next to surgical excision of skin and fat, ThermiTight skin tightening combined with liposuction and will offer the best results.*

Multiple areas can be performed at the same time under local tumescent anesthesia in the office. This procedure is very safe and patient satisfaction is very high. Dr. Dahan will limit the number of areas in older patients or in patients with health limitations.

Gentle liposculpture is performed with fine cannulas to remove unwanted fat, followed by skin tightening with the ThermiTight probe. A compression garment is worn for 3-6 weeks postop since fat was removed. There is minimal downtime, bruising, or discomfort.

Are ThermiTight treatments covered by insurance?

No. ThermiTight is an elective cosmetic treatment, so it does not qualify for medical insurance coverage.

What should I expect at my ThermiTight consultation?

Our primary goal in consulting with patients is to understand what they want to achieve. When you visit us, bring your concerns and your questions and be ready to talk about them all! After a brief discussion with Dr. Phillip Dahan, we will evaluate your skin and superficial tissue to determine the degree of laxity you have and how much improvement may be possible with a nonsurgical modality like ThermiTight. Your consultation will cover all the details of treatment, including cost and post-treatment care.

Schedule A Consultation

For more information about ThermiTight, call (775) 826-4477 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Dahan. Our practice serves Reno, Carson City, Sparks, and surrounding areas.

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