Breast Implant Exchange

Breast Implant Exchange In Reno, NV

Breast Implant Exchange In Reno, NV

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the United States. It is also one of the most highly rated procedures for patient satisfaction afterward. However, not everyone is completely satisfied with their implants and may desire to have breast implant exchange surgery. This is not a complicated procedure and Dr. Dahan performs it for many patients in Reno, NV.

What Is A Breast Implant Exchange?

Breast Implant Exchange is a surgical procedure involving the replacement of older breast implants. Some women seek to exchange their breast implants not because there was a complication, but because they’re not happy with the general outcome and want to make an adjustment. Implant exchange shouldn’t be confused with breast implant revision surgery. Revision surgery could be necessary for reasons such as capsular contracture, implant rupture, asymmetry, and the like.

What Are The Reasons Women Choose Breast Implant Exchange?

For exchange procedures, there isn’t anything wrong with your implants, but there are reasons for wanting to switch them out. Here are some of those reasons:

  • Change the size — Many women have augmentation, but once the implants have fully settled into the breast pocket they realize they would have liked to have chosen larger implants. Some women, of course, opt to go smaller. Dr. Dahan has an implant sizing system that allows you to have a very accurate visualization of how different implant sizes will look on your figure.
  • Pre-baby breasts — If a woman had augmentation prior to having a child, the breast tissue likely has sagged and she’s not happy with the changes to her implants. Larger implants can add volume and change things.
  • Change the feel — There are various factors that impact how a woman’s breasts feel with implants: silicone versus saline, volume of the implants, projection, and whether the implants were placed under the pectoral muscle or above it.
  • Change the implant type — Changing the projection, shape, textured versus untextured, saline versus silicone, or even the manufacturer can all be reasons for an exchange.
  • Changes in your breasts — The march of time is inexorable, and that includes your augmented breasts. Older implants may not look the same now that your breasts have descended a little bit. Different implant types can address the changes you don’t like.
Who Is the Ideal Candidate for a Breast Implant Exchange?

Ideal candidates for this procedure are those in overall good health but unhappy with the size, shape, or appearance of their current breast implants. If at least ten years have passed since a patient’s last implant procedure, now would be a great time to change their implant's size, shape, and appearance. Candidates must keep realistic expectations about how their breast implant exchange results will look. Candidates should also be able to maintain a stable weight to prevent altering the appearance of their breast implant results due to sudden weight gain or loss.

If you are currently pregnant, nursing, have breast cancer, or have an active infection, a breast implant procedure may not be suitable for you.

When I Have My Implants Exchanged, Can I Change The Size?

This is the number one reason women come to Dr. Dahan to exchange their implants. It is simple to enlarge the breast pocket if you want to add more volume to your implants, which is the usual choice. But if you feel your implant size is too large, he can decrease the pocket, as well. If the downsizing is dramatic, however, sagging skin can be an issue and Dr. Dahan may also suggest a breast lift.

Breast Implant Exchange Before & After Photos

Breast Implant Exchange Before & After Photos
Breast Implant Exchange Before & After Photos
Breast Implant Exchange Before & After Photos
Breast Implant Exchange Before & After Photos

Large to Small Implant Exchange

Small to Large Implant Exchange

Can I Replace Saline Implants With Silicone?

This is also a popular reason for implant exchange ever since the FDA conducted extensive research and found no connection between silicone implants and breast cancer or any other health problems. Most people feel that silicone implants feel more like natural breast tissue. Plus, silicone implants offer more options for projection and shape because the gel used to fill these implants is much more cohesive and thick than saline solution.

When Will I See a Noticeable Difference in My Breasts?

Because much of a patient’s recovery period will be focused on healing from swelling and redness, patients may not see the results from their breast implant exchange until after six weeks, when initial swelling is expected to disappear. Most patients notice their improved implant results along with a softer, more natural feeling to their breast implants anywhere between six months to a year after their procedure.

When I Have Implant Exchange Will I Need A Breast Lift?

It is unlikely you will need a breast lift with a typical exchange with a few exceptions. If you’ve gained and then lost a good deal of weight, your breast size increased (in addition to the implant increase), and this could have left you with sagging breast skin. A breast lift would be the only way to get rid of this excess skin. Also, if you choose to change your implants for a markedly smaller size, the larger implants likely will have stretched your skin and a lift will be necessary to accommodate the smaller implants without leaving a good deal of sagging skin. Pregnancy and breastfeeding also could have created sagging.

Can I have my breast implants removed?

If you decide you no longer want implants, they are easily removed. In virtually all cases, this removal should be accompanied by a breast lift, as your breast tissue without the implants will invariably have extensive sagging. You may also want to augment the breasts with a fat transfer rather than saline or silicone implants to improve volume and decrease sagging after implant removal.

How Often Do Breast Implants Need To Be Replaced?

Implant durability continues to increase, but implants won’t last forever. Manufacturers all guarantee their implants for 10 years and will pay to have them replaced if they rupture prior to that time. That is on the low end of lifespan and some patients have implants that last twice that long before needing replacement. Replacement surgery (and exchange surgery) is easier than the initial surgery, as Dr. Dahan can use the same incision locations.

Are There Any New Risks With Having A Second Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The second and any subsequent surgeries are actually easier, as the original incisions are used. There are no additional risks than regular breast augmentation procedures.

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